The Perfect First (Fulton U, #1)

Best The Perfect First Fulton U, 1 By Maya Hughes How Long Do You Last In Bed Those Were Her First Words To Me, Swiftly Followed Up With, And How Big Would You Say You Are Persephone Alexander Math Genius Lover Of Blazers The Only Girl I Know Who Can Make Heidi Braids Look Sexy As Hell And She S On A Mission Lose Her Virginity By The End Of The Semester I Walked In On Her Interview Session For Potential Candidates Who Even Does That And Saw Straight Through Her Brave Front She S Got A List Of Firsts To Accomplish Like She S Only Got Months To Live I Ve Decided To Be Her Guide For All Her Firsts Except One Someone S Got To Keep Her Out Of Trouble I Have One Rule, No Sex We Even Shook On It.I Ll Help Her Find The Right Guy For The Job Someone Like Her Doesn T Need Someone Like Me And My Massivebaggage For Her First Time Drinking At A Bar Check Partying All Night Double Check Skinny Dipping Triple Check She S Unlike Anyone I Ve Ever Met The Walls I D Put Up Around My Heart Are Slowly Crumbling With Each Touch That Sets Fire To My Soul I M The First To Bend The Rules One Electrifying Kiss Changes Everything And Suddenly I Don T Want To Be Her First, I Want To Be Her Only But Her Plan Was Written Before I Came Onto The Scene And Now I M Determined To Get Her To Re Write Her Future With Me.The Perfect First (Fulton U, #1)

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    The Perfect First is book one in the brand new Fulton U series by Maya Hughes You know those books where by the end of the first chapter, you re already in love with the characters Well, that happened in this one I couldn t love these two This was going to be the year of perfect firsts Persephone Seph Alexander is an eighteen year old mathematical prodigy She is attending Fulton University for two years before entering a PHD program She ll be there an even shorter amount of time if her father gets his way Seph spent her life under the rule of her domineering father and was home schooled This time away from home was finally supposed to be her time to spread her wings, make friends Only that wasn t happening Seph decides that if she really wants to experience life, experience her list of firsts that she has made, she s going to have to take some drastic measures I needed to get proactive If I wanted to finally start living, I needed to jump start my life Reece Michaels grew up in a close knit family, knowing at an early age that football was his life He is a senior at Fulton U and is a receiver for the football team All he wants is to make the pros and he is so close Scouts are at every game and this is the year that their team is going to make the championship All his focus ne...

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    4.5 STARS I d give her the other firsts, as many as I could, because if I gave her too much, I wouldn t be able to stop myself from never wanting to stop. Calling all New Adult Romance fans, because The Perfect First is an absolute must read It was a swoony, quirky, steamy, funny and utterly endearing page turner I devoured this I binge read it I couldn t put it down for even a minute.I ve read my fair share of New Adult romance and some of these stories are a dime a dozen But this was not one of those stories There was this uniqueness to this book that just resonated with me It made it into one of those books that I won t be forgetting any time soon.Shy virgin meets sexy college football superstar Yes, please But this book was so much than that I think what really made the story for me was Seph On paper, she s not a heroine that I gravitate towards She s a shy and totally sheltered genius She has no friends because she has no idea how to handle social situations She s never so much as been exposed to them outside of school mixers with older professors and tutors But she s not the quirky introvert that I was expecting Her father is a domineering tyrant that expects nothing short of extraordinary from her and it s been a weight on her shoulders for her entire lif...

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    NOW LIVE US UK The Perfect First quickly became my perfect first read from Maya Hughes It also has me kicking myself for not reading her before now because I really liked her writing Seph and Reece were the quintessential college romance couple Him, a football legend that s living his life to the fullest, and her a sheltered good girl looking to let lose It s a popular trope for a reason, but if you want to know of why it s so popular, just read this book I m not going to lie, I had my reservations about Seph in the beginning I m not one to be totally in love with the innocent heroines But I do love me some hot bad boys that can make them let loose Which is why I was so excited to jump into this story But Seph actually shocked me and she wasn t a super naive person Instead I found her to be a breath of fresh air She knew what she wante...

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    A novel full of firsts, yet finding a funny aspect to it all Seph and Reece know how to connect in the both the intimate and physical level For once I am keeping this review short and sweet, the reason being is because this is a first novel that I have read by Maya s that has a lot of ups and downs from my point of view At first Reece is not my favorite that s for sure, and the reason being is because he is actually kind of a jerk and very cocky in the beginning Not something I am really invested when it comes down to male characters With Seph, I guess you could say I can relate to her common innocence emotionally, and when she meets Reece it is a strange interaction yet they end up together and their chemistry is off the roof As previously mentioned, keeping this nice and sweet because Maya deserves so much high praise for this bad b...

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    The Perfect First was the perfect New Adult romance that I didn t even know I wanted From the first chapter this book reeled me in with the curiosity but it held me with the quick witty humor and lovable authentic characters Football heartthrob and a shy genius with some quirks of her own What can you ask for Reece is living some of the best moments of his life right now Top player on a winning team, popular guy on campus, life long friends through his teammates, and a good family, life isn t too bad for this twenty one year old star Already trying to put his professional career at the forefront, Reece is off to a perfect start But when a mix up lands him on the radar of the shy and timid woman, life as he knows it, is about to get hilariously complicated.From the moment she learned how to talk, Seph was a rule follower A genius in her own right, her social life has suffered tremendously and that has forced her to be a loner of sorts When she meets the big man on campus due to a hilarious misunderstanding, she quickly learns that there is to life than just living in the moment and she s than determined to make what she wants, come true I honestly had no idea how I was going to feel about this one but I had faith because based on the author s previous books, I fell...

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    I love new adult sports romances and some of my favorite books ever fall under that category I was so excited when Maya Hughes sent me a copy of The Perfect First because it is a romance between a college football player and a math genius determined to make her last year of college a memorable one Reece loves football and knows that s his only future, which means he has to buckle down and be serious when it comes to NFL scouts What he doesn t need is the distraction that is Persephone Seph has been driven to be perfect by her father her whole life, which is not including her next year in school Left feeling like her life is out of her control, Seph decides to make a list of everything she hopes to do before the school year is out Reece was definitely not part of those plans, but when the two accidentally meet, Reece can t stop thinking about Seph and decides to help her on her quest I love a romance between two unlikely people and you can t get different than Seph and Reece I loved how Seph was determined to try new things and really live her life and it was so fun how Reece decided he was the one who was going to help her do it There was an inexplicable draw to Seph that Reece felt and I loved how he slowly realized he was actually kind of falling for her What I also tend to love about new adult books are th...

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    The Perfect First is LIVE You can read a chapter of Reece and Seph s story HERE His jeans went down right along with his boxers I spun on my heels, trying not to think about his toned ass And, oh, what an ass it was A warm water droplet hit my face, which quickly turned into a cold splash as the freezing air cooled it The sharp sound of him hitting the water was the only thing I heard ...

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    I can t wait for this book

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    Rate 5 5 starsMaya Hughes everyone Writing another hit sports romance series The Kings were amazing but so are the Wolfs Man oh man, I am going to enjoy this series so much Persephone is such a particular character Math nerd, very sheltered, unexperienced and lonely She s an angel with clipped wings at her father s hands It was so sad to read about her wanting things for herself and being forced to do what her father wanted for her But Seph wants to make the most of her last months at Fulton U and so she takes the plunge and makes an ad to find someone for her to lose her virginity with Let me tell you guys, this girl might have been sheltered but she has balls of steel I loved that about her She was a fierce woman breaking her shell In comes Reece, they meet by chance and their first encounter is hilarious and a sure meet cute in my book This chance encounter ends up changing their whole lives Reece never forgets the girl he met at the caf nor what she told him and so he goes on to help her experience the world The only rule he has is that he s not popping her cherrie They are to be friends only Except the idea has been there since the beginning and with...

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    I ve been dreaming of you every night, and if I m still dreaming, I don t want to wake up I need you The Perfect First is wonderful heartwarming opposites attract romance Told from dual points of view, The Perfect First follows the story of Seph Reece Seph and Reece couldn t be different if they tried While Seph is young, she is smarter than her years the total nerdy girl And then you have Reece Reece is the experienced jock who could have any girl he wanted Their first encounter might have been rocky and definitely unconventional, but totally unforgettable Reece will quickly find that there is to Seph than meets the eye and will do anything to continue on with this unexpected friendship..The Perfect First was such a fun and entertaining read It was so fresh and so unexpected I couldn t help but read it in just a single sitting Seph and Reece pulled me in from the very first page and left me hanging on every word Reece Seph had amazing chemistry I loved how different they were and how they brought out the best in one another I loved the slow burn and build toward their something The took the time to get to know one another and really let the tension build And once the lines began to cross, all bets were off and I just couldn t get enough.The Perfect First is a really sweet story filled with fantastic humor and lots of great firsts I laughed I swooned I totally fell in love wi...

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