Beau and Bett

This Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN 9781948705448.After Beau LeFrancois S Mother Wrecks Bett Diaz S Luxury SUV, His Family Faces An Impossibly Large Bill With No Car Insurance To Help Pay It To Pay Off The Debt, Beau Spends His Weekends Working At The Diaz Ranch.Beau S Prepared To Work, But He S Definitely Not Prepared For The Infamous Temper Of Bett Diaz, Also Known As The Beast At School As Beau Learns The Secrets Behind Bett S Tough Exterior, He Finds Himself Falling For Her Until He Catches Bett In A Lie.A Contemporary Twist On A Classic Fairy Tale, Beau And Bett Is A Timely Story Of Family, Friendship, And The Power Of Speaking Out And Standing Up For Yourself.Beau and Bett

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beau and Bett book, this is one of the most wanted Kathryn Berla author readers around the world.

[Epub] ↠ Beau and Bett  Author Kathryn Berla –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Beau and Bett
  • Kathryn Berla
  • English
  • 16 November 2017

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    Some folks got all the luck and some folks don t We don t got any luck but we gotta lot of love so that s all that matters I received an eARC of this book from both Edelweiss and Netgalley.But thanks to you both and to Amberjack Publishing, as well Buy This Book Kobo Barnes Noble Series No Genre YA POV First person Cliffhanger No.This book has been marketed as a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast I had high hopes, but unfortunately, this book did not deliver The similarities between Beauty and the Bea...

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzIn the past Kathryn Berla has approached me to read her books I really loved Going Places and enjoyed the neat fusion story in Dream Me We lost touch, however, when I saw that Beau and Bett was a new YA by Kathryn Berla I knew I had to give it a go What I enjoy so much about her books is the subtle slice of life feel to her stories and her realistic and quirky characters I love the title, Beau and Bett for a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast It suits the subtle touch she used in giving the fairy tale new life in modern times I m not that big of a fan of the cover Bett never braided her hair but actually had it up in a bun multiple times And its quite misleading too Beau is actually the protagonist and so it disappoints you without you even opening the book that we never get Bett s POV Don t mess with our expectations and expect us to be happy This isn t Kathryn s fault, but a major problem with people buying the book The PremiseBeau is a good guy He doesn t have a job after school so he can watch his kid brothers He helps his dad, who is all laid up in casts, toddle to the bathroom to pee When his mom gets into a fender bender and the gi...

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    We already know that I have never been able to resist a Beauty and the Beast retelling and this one was no exception Set in contemporary America, our main protagonist, Beau LeFrancois meets the very spoiled rich girl, Bettina Diaz, coined by her schoolmates as The Beast while working on her father s ranch Positive Thoughts 1 I like the gender reversal of the beauty versus beast roles.2 Beau was a compelling protagonist and I was captured by his voice 3 Loved Beau s family backstory and his family was endearing in a quirky way.Negative Thoughts 1 Bettina s beast like reputation was very understated The angle lacked oomph and I was actually of the mind that her Nana was a captivating beast 2 Since we never see inside Bettina s thoughts, we only know what Beau knows As the story progressed, I wavered in my opinion of whether this is a good or bad thing 3 Bettina s family was awful 4 Romance was extremely lacking At first, I thought it was because there was another girl ...

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    If you were lucky in love, you sure as hell were lucky in life I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I guess it s only fair to begin my review by admitting the obvious I m a big sucker for Beauty The Beast retellings But this one This one took the retelling to a whole new level, for there s a very clever swap in characters roles and that s what sold me the story in the first place Btw, can we take a moment to stare at the cover Isn t it just beautiful Now, let me point out a few of the things I loved about this book The first one is no doubt the POV we have a first person male protagonist that manages to drag us into the story in a very convincing way In my opinion, Beau makes for a great narrator, showing us his world and Bett s too through his eyes and keeping it real all along even when he s describing Bett s many outfits, he sounds like a guy, which is obvious but does mean the author did a great job at knowing her characters That being said, the story flows beautifully and it kept me wanting to know Another thing I loved was to ...

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    This left me underwhelmed.There was some dialogue that left me bored, they spent a whole page talking about mundane stuff that doesn t really drive the plot forward The plot seemed to speed ahead while dragging along simultaneously.I liked that this was a ...

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    3.5 starsIt took me a while to get into this book At first, the characters felt flat and one dimensional Everything seemed surface and Beau and Bett s actions were confusing and didn t make sense Bett was hot and cold and awkward and Beau couldn t make up his mind how he felt Around the halfway point, things started to come together and when we got the backstory of why people call Bett the beast , I saw her as a real person who had actual emotions Beau got better over the story too, I m glad he cared about Bett and treated her better The side characters were blah, Beau s dad s accent was irritating and the whole side story of the wedding had almost no p...

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    I received an e ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.In this sweet retelling of Beauty and the Beast, set in a contemporary a beautiful boy has to face the ugly on the inside girl as social status, family and relationships collide.

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    An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review DNF at approx 60%.Well, it was a modern gender swapped retelling of Beauty and the BeastI had to at least try.It read as very juvenile to me, yet includes swear words and Beau comments on sexiness and mentions fantasies concerning girls It s very light and doesn t delve deep into the subject but felt at odds with the childish writing Plus I just didn t care for the writing style in general Lots of repetition as well.I liked that there was no magic far as I got into the book anyways, with no hint of any coming into play but the story and even the characters were doing nothing for me It seeme...

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    Oh boy So first things first, Beau and Bett is a modern day retelling of the beauty and the beast however, if you didn t know that, you wouldn t put those two together That s not to say it wasn t an enjoyable story and didn t mirror beauty and the beast in certain ways, because it sure did Beau and Bett is a story about hardworking, family oriented Beau who does everything he can to make his family s life easier when an accident with his mom and a certain girl, Bett, leaves him in charge of clearing the charges Beau works at Bett s father s farm to pay off his family s debt and who he thought was rude and full of herself turns out to be rather charming and sweet, even a little closed off and shy Beau and Bett s romance is slow, not clearly evident at all points because their friendship is very developed My favourite part was that most of the book was the chase, the will they wont they Bett finds a true friend in Beau, not just a technical one and Beau looks forward to his weekends of manual labour because he gets to spend time with Bett They re never nauseating, never too cheesy because they re actually qu...

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    This is a cute contemporary Beauty and the Beast retelling.I thought it was an okay read I found Beth extremely obnoxious and Beau a bit too shallow and a bit slow Yes it s a romance and yes I know exactly where the story goes, no surprises here, but he didn t have to be that dumb to get that Beth is interested.The family scenes I enjoyed, but I m not sold on the Cajun accent of Beau s father in the book It felt stiff and I d have to p...

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