The (Secret) Baby

A One Night Stand Becomes Much, Much In This Sexy, Lighthearted Romance Maid Of Honor Kelsey Peterson Is Disappointed When The Bride To Be Bails On Her Bachelorette Party Especially Since Kelsey S Already Ordered The Stripper Desperate For A Break From Her Romantic Woes, Kelsey Goes Through With The Party After All, Why Let A Good Stripper Go To Waste Dr Aaron Baucus Is Definitely Not A Stripper He S A Legit Doctor With A PhD In Neuropsychology But When His Friend Calls Him Over To A Bar To Meet A Bunch Of Tipsy, Flirtatious Bridesmaids, They Assume Otherwise After All, Their Stripper Was Supposed To Be Dressed Like A Doctor Aaron Isn T Much For Pretending, But With Kelsey, He S Willing To Be Whatever She Wants Him To Be At Least For One Night.But Fate Has A Wicked Sense Of Humor Aaron And Kelsey Are The Maid Of Honor And Best Man At The Same Wedding And After Their One Night Stand, Kelsey S Pregnant, But She Doesn T Know How To Tell Him Aaron Wants To Start A Relationship, But He Doesn T Think Kelsey Wants Something Long Term Can Their Fragile Romance Survive All The Half Truths And SecrecyThe (Secret) Baby

Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a

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  • The (Secret) Baby
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  • 08 January 2018

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    3 Assumptions Need to Go Stars This was my first read with Ms Harper She has an extensive cataloge and many fans It seems this particular book came out of a grouping of related books Our gal s best friend and her brother are in The Half Truth which came out in February 2019 These characters play supporting roles to our main ones, Kelsey and Aaron I was able to follow along without reading the first book without any issues The main theme of this book has to do with assumptions and trust Both main characters have been hurt by others due to others either lying to them or having an assumption and then being disappointed when their concepts were not the case We have a very sharp witted, strong businesswoman She has been hurt by an ex so severely, she has sworn off men forever No, she means forever So when her bestie discovers she is pregnant before the planned bachelorette party, she convinces Kelsey to be the Bride in her place, enjoy the booze, fun, and stripper After all, Kelsey knows this is the only time she will have a chance to experience it.Aaron just received an emergency text from his friend Cheryl She owns a club and said she needed him to come right away When he arrives, Cheryl se...

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    I ve read other books by this author which I ve absolutely loved Kiss My Ash is one of my favourites , but unfortunately I didn t love this one There were certain elements that I just couldn t connect with and I found myself...

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    This had so many ingredients that I enjoy while reading rom com books We have a sassy, swearing and smart heroine Then there is a nice and funny hero Surprise baby One night stand Bunch of misunderstanding, meddling family members and of course happy end Despite all of that I still felt like something was missing for me to love this book I can t pinpoint what was it Still, this is enjoyable, light and fun read Perfect for summer or vacation read This was my first read by thi...

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    This one was a cute, easy read rom com Surprise baby with a funny meet cute with a fake bride to be and a fake stripper Kelsey is definitely out of luck in the love stakes and her one night with Aaron doesn t go as planned resulting in an oopsy daisy baby Reconnecting at a wedding results in laug...

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    one word mess

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    Cute and refreshing rom com with likeable characters, it definitely kept me entertained until the very end

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    3.5 starsThis is my first book with Leddy Harper The book was cute While this type of book is not typically my bag per se, I did enjoy it.Ok, so let s get to it I originally picked up the book due to the blurb Maid of honor, Kelsey, after having a shake up of a bad day ends up taking home the stripper Dr Phil Me Up from her BFF s bachelorette party Aaron an actual Ph.D doctor, is mistaken for the stripper goes home with bachelorette under the pretense of an agreed upon pretend night together and the promise of anonymity.Kelsey is a known man hater as a result of a past relationship gone very bad Aaron is a pretend ladies man who is commonly the victim of assumptions made about his degree, title, and living arrangements and feels ambivalent about correcting them An ish type of rom com happens as a result of Kelsey helping out her cousin s BFF, who she vaguely remembers from growing up, by renting him a room at her place while he is in transition in buying a house She then realized the man she s agreed to help out and Best Man to her Maid of Honor is none other than the person she knows as her one night stripper.I could have loved the book For Arron being a neuropsychologist, he did NOT act or talk like it There were many instances where the conversations felt wrong for the amount of education ...

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    The Secret Baby is a stand alone novel by Leddy Harper The main characters are Kelsey a woman who recently discovered that her ex is married to another woman and he not planning on divorcing her and I mention this info and not something else because it will have a role in the story and Aaron, a doctor who is not a doctor like those on Grey s Anatomy, who is the good guy every girl friend zones They meet at a bachelorette party where Kelsey pretends to be the bride and Aaron substitutes for a stripper And that s how our story begins Aaron s problem with people not taking seriously his doctor status because he is a neuropsychologist reminded me a lot of Ross from the show Friends t least he was doctor enough to be a stripper doctor and spend a night with Kelsey Both of them were happy to end this after one night until Kelsey found that she was pregnant and fate brought them together once again I would have preferred for things to be a lit...

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    Leddy Harper s new romance reminds us that love doesn t always go smoothly Sometimes people say things with the best of intentions but end up hurting each other True love always wins, however.Aaron is a neuropsychologist who has a bit of a chip on the shoulder about his career He s a little tired of being mistaken for a real doctor Kelsey is a designer They meet and have a one night stand without exchanging names Oddly enough he s the best man at her friends wedding and she s the maid of honor Which is fortunate because Kelsey is pregnant and now doesn t have to search the city for her mysterious lover I like these characters even though Kelsey is prickly and a bit too quick to lump Aaron into the category of lying womanizer Aaron is a nice guy but he doesn t trust his instincts where women are concerned and goes along with people s assumptions that he is a womanizer Everyone deserves love, even women who have been burned so badly that they re convinced that they can live their lives without any man and make it incredibly hard on the hero whose happened to fall in love with them I normally like my heroes a bit alpha, but Aaron is a real gem and he has his moments Essentially this is a story about assumptions People make assumptions all...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a really fun, sexy and sweet romance Whilst it is definitely a light hearted plot, there are some quite clever twists in issues of timing and trust too Kelsey is a successful businesswoman, but clearly has been damaged by love in the past, and so claims that is it no However, Adam clearly fills a space in her life and, as it happens her future, given she is pregnant But accepting that fact and doing something about it cause her to panic, repeatedly By showing her at work, and successful at being strong and direct, we get a sense of how out of kilter she is when Adam is around and after all, due to circumstances, he is around a lot Adam may have a fancy education and job, but when faced with Kelsey, he rather loses his polish and certainty He is keen to settle down and start life with a partner, but he knows Kelsey s thoughts on that and so ensue a run of misunderstandings I found...

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