Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, #1)

PDF Epub Project Duchess Duke Dynasty, 1 Author Sabrina Jeffries From New York Times Bestselling Author Sabrina Jeffries Comes A Sparkling New Series About An Oft Widowed Mother S Grown Children, Who Blaze Through Society In Their Quest For The Truth About Their Fathers And In The Process Find That Love Just Might Conquer All.A Series Of Stepfathers And A Difficult Childhood Have Left Fletcher Grey Pryde, 5th Duke Of Greycourt, With A Guarded Heart, Enviable Wealth, And The Undeserved Reputation Of A Rogue Grey S Focus On Expanding His Dukedom Allows Him Little Time To Find A Wife But When His Mother Is Widowed Yet Again And He Meets The Charmingly Unconventional Woman Managing His Stepfather S Funeral, He S Shocked To Discover How Much They Have In Common Still, Grey Isn T Interested In Love, No Matter How Pretty, Or Delightfully Outspoken, The Lady.Beatrice Wolfe Gave Up On Romance Long Ago, And The Arrogant Duke Of Greycourt With His Rakish Reputation Isn T Exactly Changing Her Mind Then Grey Agrees To Assist His Grief Stricken Mother With Her Latest Project Schooling Spirited, Unfashionable Beatrice For Her Debut Now That Beatrice Is Seeing Through Grey S Charms To His Wounded Heart, She S Having Trouble Keeping Him At Arm S Length But Once Grey Starts Digging Into Her Family S Secrets, She Must Decide Whether Her Loyalties Lie With Her Family Or With The Man Whose Lessons Capture Her Heart.Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, #1)

Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of over 50 novels and works of short fiction some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas Whatever time not spent writing in a coffee fueled haze of dreams and madness is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music With over 9 million book

<PDF> ✍ Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, #1)  Author Sabrina Jeffries –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, #1)
  • Sabrina Jeffries
  • English
  • 16 January 2018
  • 9781420148558

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    Sabrina Jeffries is one of my favorite authors so I was eagerly anticipating this new series Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt, is called to the country after his stepfather dies quite suddenly Grey has a tense relationship with his mother I won t spoil the reasonyou have to read the book but he loves her and his siblings deeply While visiting Lincolnshire he meets Beatrice Wolfe, cousin of his younger brother Sheridan It sounds confusing because it is Grey s mother has been married multiple times and bore three dukes Grey is pleasantly surprised to meet the outspoken Beatrice and the story begins of their relationship I enjoyed this romance Grey and Beatrice both have issues and secrets but they spend a lot of time getting to know one another Their romance develops quite quickly but it is filled with passion and mutual respect They have some hiccups to their HEA but they eventually get there.The book was well written Ms Jeffries uses a lot of dialogue which helps the sto...

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    Beatrice Wolfe has too much experience organizing funerals When she is called upon to help her Aunt Lydia after the death of her husband, she does so without hesitation But when Fletcher Pryde, the Duke of Greycourt arrives, and not knowing who he is, she doesn t hesitate to speak her mind regarding his rudeness Just looking at him, she knows exactly what a man of his ilk are like and she wants nothing to do with him.Grey is instantly taken with the woman who gives him her blunt rebuttals to his inquisition When his brother shares concern that the woman s brother may have been involved in a murder, he offers to spend time with her to learn what he can Soon, he s battling a mixture of emotions that offer him no peace except to claim Beatrice as his own.Poor Grey He had an awful childhood that left him untrusting of people in general Trying to fit in with his half siblings, he struggles with old wounds even as he hungers for Beatrice and the satisfaction that her presence brings to him I loved that he adored Beatrice for her hoyden ways and her straight forward honesty The very thing that would keep her from finding a suitable husband, and the things his mother s project would fix, were the things that dre...

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    Series Duke Dynasty 1Publication Date 6 25 19Number of Pages 352This was an absolutely wonderful introduction to Sabrina Jeffries new series There is an overall mystery to the series, I ll not tell you what that is but you ll discover it in this book We meet and love the five children of a duchess who has had three husbands all dukes She had one child, Fletcher Grey , with her first husband two children twins Marlowe Thorn and Gwyn with her second husband two children, Sheridan and Heywood with her last husband The series revolves around solving the mystery introduced in this book, the children learning about their fathers, and each of them pursuing and finding their own HEA s I found each of them intriguing and can t wait to get to know them better in their own stories The next story featuring Heywood will be a novella, A PERFECT MATCH released in an anthology Seduction on a Snowy Night with authors Madeline Hunter and Mary Jo Putney Then, in February of 2020, we get Gwyn s story The Bachelor Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, had a lovely family life until he was ten years old He lost his father when he was very young, so he didn t remember him, nor does he really remember his first step father However, his second step father created a happy, loving family for all of them That idyllic family lasted until Grey was ten and the uncle his father had named as his guardian came to cla...

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    Lydia, the 4th Dowager Duchess of Armitage has married either very well or very badly, depending on your prospective She has married three dukes, all who have left her widowed, the first two in a three year time span The third duke had at least hung around for 30 years From those marriages Lydia has produced three dukes, one spare and one daughter It will be these adult children who are at the center of Sabrina Jeffries new series the Duke Dynasty Jeffries is getting off to a stellar start with her first entry, Project Duchess Those who know Lydia have no doubt that at least the second and third marriages were love matches The very recent death of the 4th Duke of Armitage leaves her heartbroken To help her grief Lydia has taken on a two projects The first is the rapprochement with her oldest son, Fletcher Pryde the 5th Duke of Greycourt The second project is the simultaneous launch into society of her daughter Gwyn along with a niece she never really knew, Beatrice Wolfe Since it is a long time until mourning ends and the launches launch, Lydia has time to remove all of the rough edges from Beatrice There are many since she grew up roaming the estate when she wasn t serving as companion to the late Duchess or relu...

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    The beginning of this title was great and I liked the meet cute but instalust soon reared it s ugly head I liked the hero and heroine and their backstories but I just find the whole they met two days ago but are super attracte...

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    Two and a half stars.Fletcher Grey Pryde, 5th Duke of Greycourt is summoned to his stepfather s estate when he receives news that his stepfather Maurice has died unexpectedly His mother had married three Dukes and had five children, three of whom were now Dukes in their own rights following the deaths of their respective fathers Grey has never forgiven his family for sending him to England to live with his abusive uncle when he was only a young boy, leaving him to grow up alone.When Grey arrives he mistakes his stepfather s niece Beatrice Wolfe for a maid or a representative from the undertakers, he is arrogant and abrupt for which Beatrice cuts him nicely down to size.Originally Grey intended to spend only a night with his family before returning to London, but when his stepbrother Sheridan shares his suspicion that Maurice was murdered, and indeed that his brother Armie was also murdered before him, Grey feels compelled to stay and help with the investigations, especially when suspicion falls on Beatrice s older brother Joshua.Meant...

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    4.25 stars Reviewed for Wit and Sin Sparks fly when a guarded, conventional duke meets a spirited, unconventional lady unimpressed with his position in Project Duchess Sabrina Jeffries kicks off her Duke Dynasty series with an engaging romance filled with likeable characters and a mystery that s bound to keep this series interesting.Until age ten, Fletcher Grey Pryde had an idyllic life with his mother, stepfather, and four siblings But when he was taken back to England by his uncle, Grey s life changed forever Though he clearly loves his family, he keeps them at arm s length and has walls around his heart But when his stepfather dies, he doesn t hesitate to go to his mother s side He s prepared for memories to bombard him, but what he s not prepared for is his mother s newest project preparing the lovely Beatrice Wolfe for her debut Beatrice is his half brother s cousin and she is a breath of fresh air to Grey She is forthright and sees value in people, not titles Beatrice knows all too well that being a duke doesn t make a man a gentleman The two of them come from very different circumstances, yet it s clear they re made for each other from the start I loved watching Beatrice and Grey fall in love They re unfashionably honest with each other, which helps break down some of the walls around their hearts I enjoyed their dialogue and the chemistry that sizzle...

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    Formulaic, tropey in the worst way, uninspired, and tossed together like a bad salad Not even 300 pages and I had to force myself to not skim large chunks of it I just was not captured by anything here My mind wandered so long and so far while I struggled to read this book I decided to fold the laundry so that I could have a few minutes away from it I even put the folded laundry away That s how unexcited I was about these characters and the plot what little there was of one at least.There is no legitimate chemistry between Grey and Beatrice and I lost track of the number of times I rolled my eyes or flat out had to put the book down over the shit they did and said Grey pops a stiffy every time she s in his general vicinity and it s always for reasons he doesn t want to examine too closely I never believed that he felt anything genuine for her, just physical attraction I know the aristocracy are repressed, but COME ON PAL A little self reflection and emotional intelligence isn t going to cause you to lose your standing to Society or turn you into a weeping Byronic mess J...

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    3.5 StarsSabrina Jeffries writes romantic, sweet and easy to read stories And Project Duchess is the perfect example.I liked reading this Historical Romance It s the perfect Summer read I requested a early copy of P...

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