A Lily in the Light

Download A Lily In The Light Kristin Fields Jackkellyfilm.co.uk A Harrowing Debut Novel Of A Tragic Disappearance And One Sister S Journey Through The Trauma That Has Shaped Her Life For Eleven Year Old Esme, Ballet Is Everything Until Her Four Year Old Sister, Lily, Vanishes Without A Trace And Nothing Is Certain Any People Esme Has Known Her Whole Life Suddenly Become Suspects, Each New One Hitting Closer To Home Than The Last.Unable To Cope, Esme Escapes The Nightmare That Is Her New Reality When She Receives An Invitation To Join An Elite Ballet Academy In San Francisco Desperate To Leave Behind Her Chaotic, Broken Family And The Mystery Surrounding Lily S Disappearance, Esme Accepts.Eight Years Later, Esme Is Up For Her Big Break Her First Principal Role In Paris But A Call From Her Older Sister Shatters The Protective World She Has Built For Herself, Forcing Her To Revisit The Tragedy She S Run From For So Long Will Her Family Finally Have The Answers They Ve Been Waiting For And Can Esme Confront The Pain That Shaped Her Childhood, Or Will The Darkness Follow Her Into The SpotlightA Lily in the Light

Kristin Fields grew up in Queens, which she likes to think of as a small town next to a big city Kristin studied writing at Hofstra University, where she was awarded the Eugene Schneider Award for Short Fiction After college, Kristin found herself working on a historic farm, as a high school English teacher, designing museum education programs, and is currently leading an initiative to bring gar

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 274 pages
  • A Lily in the Light
  • Kristin Fields
  • English
  • 21 June 2018

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    Beautifully told, elegantly executed this was an emotional story about the aftermath of tragedy Kristin Feild s debut was evocative and heart wrenching A unique take on the missing child trope This is not a dark twisted thriller with wild secrets, it is a tender story Full of heart and hope This book really captures the essence of Esme, and how her sister Lily s disappearance impacted her life Esme is 11 years old, she loves ballet and her biggest concern in life is getting on point She has a loving family hard working parents, an aloof big brother, an impatient big sister, and an adorable little sister named Lily One day mom is at church, dad just got home, brother is on the balcony, sister is in her room, Esme is making dinner, and Lily disappears Just like that, while watching Full House No sign of foul play Lily is just gone along with her coat and shoes Esme is devastated not quite sure how to function in the shell of the family that remains With some help from her ballet instructor and the urging of her father she finds herself at her dream ballet school in San Francisco all the way across...

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    Bear with me a moment, folks When I looked over this month s First Reads, I didn t see much of interest At all I almost decided to read something else on my towering TBR pile instead, but then, I spotted this book in the category Book Club Fiction What is that, exactly A book replete with all sorts of sentimental and sugary pablum, family and romantic relationships hitting rocks the size of pebbles, eventual maturity with an obligatory dollop of forgiveness, and a neatly tied up happily ever after finale that calls for lace handkerchiefs to come out and dab delicately at eyes I don t know a thing about book clubs I suspect they would read books I d hate, and because I rarely temper my dissenting opinions, I d be tossed out of any book club on my denim clad posterior.So I took a chance, mentally giving this book a big eye roll for what seemed like the all too clich d trope of a child who vanishes mysteriously, a fractured family, a main character carting buckets of guilt, and then spending years of wondering what happened The twist was the inclusion of ballet, and as a genetically clumsy person who couldn t pli if my life depended on it, I have always adored ballet.Being initially wrong about a book s premise and the likelihood that I ll hate it is always a surprise, and refreshing So I was wrong, and I really liked this book.The protagonist, Esme I really like that name is eleven, an aspiring ballerina with sweaty, smelly feet, a detail y...

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    I was so excited to read this book when I saw it The idea of it being a mystery yet really focusing on how a family moves past unthinkable grief just intrigued me I liked this book but I didn t love it like I thought I would Here are the positives the storyline is excellent Reading this you honestly feel like this scenario could have happened to anyone, even you And that s humbling and scary The characters are extremely relatable whether you like them or their decisions or not I feel they were true to many of the emotions and decisions a family would have make while going through a traumatic experience such as the one this story was about It felt real, true, authentic The beginning of the book starts off so strongly but then it starts to fizzle And here is where I go into my criticisms of the book I do feel the book started to fizzle There were parts that seemed very repetitive, and as a reader that s a little frustrating A few parts were somewhat boring there in the middle and at times a tad flat, but I was so drawn by the whole premise of the story I wanted to know how it ended This is a slower read, I personally felt the pace could have been picked up a little and still have the intended results And lastly, by the end of the book I felt there...

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    1.5 STARSEleven year old aspiring ballerina Esme s life changes the day her little sister Lily disappears Eight years later, older sister Madeline calls Esme in Paris with startling news.Either I have terrible luck choosing Prime Read First Books, or those books aren t very good I enjoy books about child abductions and stories about ballerinas, ...

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    This well told debut takes a look into a family caught in a maelstrom of sorrow,grief and recrimination when a four year old goes missing Told from the perspective of then eleven year old Esme, overwhelmed with sadness not just for her missing sister but for the family that she sees disintegrating before her eyes Esme is able to escape to her ballet classes where she can temporarily put aside her grief and the new toxicity of her family Given a chance to live with her ballet instructor, she is able to pick up the pieces and shape a new better life Over the years, Esme finds that her better life is not necessarily a...

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    A sad story about a girl whose sister goes missing Took me a little while to get into but the characters are likeable enough Very little tension, which deterred me a little, but the writing was eloquent.

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    What happens when a four year old vanishes without a trace, when a family is unshaped and long held dreams begin to unspool when you don t even know what to hope for any These are the questions Kristin Fields deftly explores in her beautifully written debut, A Lily in the Light Honest, heartfelt, and at times wrenching, Fields novel exposes every heartache and raw nerve of her compellingly flawed characters, touching on the many ways we punish ourselves and those we love when l...

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    I m obsessed with books with a ballet backdrop So when I saw this for free on Kindle first reads, I was very excited to read it Interesting story the youngest child of a NYC family disappears, leaving them all somewhat adrift The book concentrates on one character, middle child Esme, who is an aspiring ballerina, age 11 The story is mainly about how the disappearance of Lily, their 4 year old sister daughter, affe...

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    11 year old Esme lives and breathes ballet One night, her 4 year old sister Lily disappears without a trace and life as she knows it is altered forever Her family starts to fall apart, everyone is a suspect, and Lily throws herself into ballet as a way of forgetting She is given the chance to escape when she receives an invitation to join an elite ballet company across the country Fast forward 8 years later and Esme is a rising ballerina and dancing in Paris She gets a call from her older sister, in tears, explaining that something has changed A girl has been found that matches Lily s description Could this be Lily This is a heart wrenching story that I flew through in a day This is not a thriller but an exploration into the affect of trauma on a family This is beautifully told from an 11 year olds viewpoint a...

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    My Kindle First choice for March.it s the only choice this particular month for me whereas sometimes I could pick 2 or 3and then I opt for the one with most pages as a rule However, none really jumped out at me this time, even this one, but this is the closest to my type of story It s very well written but probably a little too flowery and deep for my liking I almost gave up around a quarter of the way in but was pleased I persevered as it got better as it went along Passages like Cerise had rolled into the room as quietly as a dropped Chapstick forgotten on the floor or..imagined Lily was tucked into the space beside Esme, warm as a potato in her slipper feet pajamas just make me roll my eyes in exasperation The scenes with Andre and Esme in San Francisco were some of my favourites, though, and I raced through the final sitting as I was just dying to know how things ended up for them all.It was horribly sad to see how fractured this family became after Lily disappeared the stuff of nightmares This story mainly sticks with Esme, who I liked a great deal, though I m not a bal...

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