Heavy on the Dead (Leo Waterman #12)

Epub XB Heavy On The Dead Leo Waterman Author GM Ford Truongnguyenwedding One Body On The Sunny Beach Is All It Takes For PI Leo Waterman To Feel A Chill After Seven Months Laying Low In Ocean Beach, California, Seattle PI Leo Waterman Has Finally Stopped Looking Over His Shoulder Specifically, For The Vengeful Band Of Washington White Supremacists Who Blame Leo For Blindsiding Their Big Plans For America Where Better To Disappear With His Bodyguard, Gabe, Than This Laid Back Stretch Of San Diego Heaven But When Leo Finds A Boy S Body On The Beach, He Comes Out Of Hiding To InvestigateThat S When Leo Discovers That The Victim Is Not An Isolated Missing Persons Case It S The Key To Something Bigger, And It S Leading Leo And Gabe Into The Dark Heart Of A Human Trafficking Ring In Mexico But Whatever Dangers Lay Ahead Of Them, They Re Matched Threat For Threat By What S Coming Up From BehindBecause The Fanatics Back Home Haven T Given Up On Leo Now He And Gabe Are Caught In The Cross Fire Between Two Evils And Each One Has Its Own Reasons For Making Sure Both Men End Up Dead And Buried Heavy On The DeadHeavy on the Dead (Leo Waterman #12)

Gerald M Ford is the author of the widely praised Frank Corso novels, Fury, Black River, A Blind Eye, Red Tide, No Man s Land, and Blown Away six highly acclaimed mysteries, featuring Seattle private investigator Leo Waterman and the stand alone thriller Nameless Night A former creative writing teacher in western Washington, Ford lives in San Diego and is currently working on his next novel.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 250 pages
  • Heavy on the Dead (Leo Waterman #12)
  • G.M. Ford
  • 18 June 2018

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    GM Ford s brilliant crime series featuring PI Leo Waterman located in Seattle is one of my favourite comfort series Here, Leo and Gabe are living below the radar on Ocean Beach in San Diego, forced to go into hiding after the shattering events previously with the thwarting of a white supremacist plot that would have devastated the US Leo is a target, and those after him have possible information on where he might be after receiving information from a bank employee in Mexico Two men are sent there to verify that it is Leo, the huge Chub and Lamar Chub deviates from their orders and is hell bent on killing Leo himself, he blames him for the death of his brother, Randy, as the two men arrive at Ocean Beach Leo has settled down in California as Leon Marks, Ocean Beach agrees with him and he has finally relaxed, no longer looking over his shoulder, involved in community activities with groups, like picking up litter on the coastline.It is in the process of cleaning up rubbish on a cliff that Leo comes across the body of a dead child, which his conscience insists that he call in, which he does anonymously Only thing is that he left behind his picker bucket at the scene, which naturally has the police arriving at his doorstep The chatter from the white supremacists is being closely monitored and Captain Eagen from Seattle is keeping Leo informed After being bitten by a homeless young man, Leo is terrified abo...

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    I m a big fan of the Leo Waterman series of mystery novels by G.M Ford and this latest book in the series is terrific The earlier books were all set in Seattle and the Seattle setting was a big part of the books, so I was a little worried when I saw that in this book Leo has moved to Ocean Beach, California But I need not have worried Mr Ford s trademark humor and great plotting are still at the forefront and he do...

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    I was really concerned after the last book in this series that Leo would be in Luckily it wasn t Leo and Gabe have hightailed it out of Seattle as the white nationalist movement wants them dead They end up in Ocean Beach, California trying to live their lives The movement finds them and sends 2 men to track them down One of these men wants Leo dead now as his brot...

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    After the ending of Soul Survivor I worried Leo was gone for good but not to worry, he has returned only now he is living in Ocean Beach, California instead of Seattle He is living under an alias, trying to make everyone believe he died at the end of the last book but gets involved with a nefarious bad group when he finds a boy s body on the ocean bank Turns out others have discovered he s still alive and so begins a cat and mouse plot line that ...

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