Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas (Addison Cooke #1)

Smooth Talking, Refined Twelve Year Old Addison Cooke Loves A Grand Adventure, Especially One That Involves Using His Vast Knowledge Of History And Archaeology, Learned From His Aunt And Uncle, Both World Famous Researchers If That Adventure Includes An Expertly Knotted Windsor Tie And An Arnold Palmer On The Rocks, All The BetterLuckily For Addison, Adventure Has A Way Of Finding The Cookes After Addison S Uncle Unearths The First Ancient Incan Clue Needed To Find A Vast Trove Of Lost Treasure, He Is Kidnapped By Members Of A Shadowy Organization Intent On Stealing The Riches An Expert In Incan History, Addison S Uncle Is The Bandits Key To Deciphering The Ancient Clues And Looting The Treasure Unless Addison And His Friends Can Outsmart The Kidnappers And Decipher The Clues First So It S Off To Peru Business Class, No Less , Across The , And All The Way To Machu Picchu In A Race For Riches And HistoryAddison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas (Addison Cooke #1)

Jonathan Stokes is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles He has written on assignment for Fox, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, New Line, and Sony He is the author of several upcoming kids books being published by Penguin Random House Jonathan is a street taco aficionado, an urban explorer, and koala enthusiast.

[Ebook] ↠ Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas (Addison Cooke #1)  Author Jonathan W. Stokes –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas (Addison Cooke #1)
  • Jonathan W. Stokes
  • 02 January 2017
  • 9780399173776

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    Molly, a sixth grader, had than a decade of solid experience with Addison s odd behavior She was or less used to it I ran to your classroom to find you, but Ms Johnson said you weren t in class all afternoon I got a nurse s pass But you re not sick Naturally I got the nurse s pass from Eddie Chang, Addison explained He was sick last week I traded him his nurse s pass for an owl pellet If you ever wondered what a middle school Ferris Bueller x Indiana Jones mash up would look like Wonder no Meet Addison Cooke wise cracking, adventure seeking, Arnold Palmer loving, Man boy TEENAGER of Intrigue After Addison s archaeologist aunt uncle discover the first clue needed to uncover the long lost treasure of the Incas, they re KIDNAPPED by a Moriarty like Professor Ragar intent on stealing the riches for himself Because Addison s aunt uncle are the world s resident Incan experts, they re the keys to deciphering the remaining leads UNLESS Addison his friends can outsmart Ragar crack the code first GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE Errwrong book, sorry movie So a middle schooler from NYC and his posse of similarly aged friends will need to figure out a way to fly to South America and navigate through the Jungle where the excitement, booby traps, fights, and DANGER are never ending Basically like traveling from Manhattan to the Bronx I kid, I kid. For the action adventure crowd, this is tailor made for you There s some creative history geography happening, but really, who s reading this story as a social studies lesson It s fun, light, and fast paced Addison s gang is dual gendered and a range of races and ethnicities are represented throughout the book A sequel is due to be released later this year.

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    Reminded me of The Gooonies, in the best possible way Since Stokes is apparently a screenwriter, it fits to me that his debut book is so well plotted Unlike other books, this one doesn t waste any time and gets the reader off to the adventure It s sharply written and funny to boot It has memorable characters that remind me of 80s classic films like The Goonies and Stand By Me And while it is obviously a work of fiction I don t expect a bunch of 13 year olds to gallivant around the globe looking for lost treasure I think this book is coming at a very interesting time It is possible for children to be involved, as never before, in archaeology I saw something in the news that a kid found what might be a Mayan ruin with satellite imagery on Google Earth If you re looking for a good old fashioned adventure yarn, then I d say pick this one up I m looking forward to the next books in the series and what adventures Addison goes on next

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    I was looking forward to this book about the Incas but was dismayed by the many geographical inaccuracies I m surprised it passed editorial scrutiny by the publisher and that it got positive reviews from several reviewers They must not have consulted atlases or checked facts about the Incas Among the reviewers, only Kirkus identified the mistakes First stop Colombia How unfortunate that significant research was evidently not done before writing the book The Inca Empire only barely reached that far north A bit research might have also revealed that Quechua is not commonly spoken in Colombia A brief consultation with an atlas would have also been helpful Swimming across the from Colombia can only lead to Brazil or Peru, never to Ecuador These are but a few of myriad glaring problems with the book Engaging in creative history and geography guts the story, exoticizes its setting, and belittles readers The kids land in Bogot , which is described as air as warm and wet as a dog s tongue with stifling heat Bogot has an elevation of 8,660 ft and an average temperature of 58 Why would Addison fly into Bogot to pursue the Incas Only a tiny portion of the Incan empire was in Colombia.The Incas did not have a written language, so why were the clues written by Atahualpa in Spanish I can accept that an Chinese American boy with a Guatemalan nanny could read Spanish from the 1500s, but not that Atahualpa wrote in Spanish While the kids were in the rainforest of Colombia, they walked 50 miles to the ocean As the Kirkus reviewer noted, a quick look at an atlas shows this is not possible Plus, the Incas lived in the Andes, not the rain forest I hope the author researches adequately for future books It s fine to create fictional towns, but not to have so many glaring geographical and historical mistakes Such a disappointment

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    This started promisingly and the writing style was fun but as things progressed the writing style and story kept getting and contrived though there were still some genuinely funny and adventurous moments through out.But it was hard for me to turn off the these are children doing these dangerous things part of my mind and all their adventures perils kept stressing me instead of engaging me Plus, it got a little silly and even kind of disturbing when the children are physically taking out bad guys and literally risking their lives Could have been awesome but as it was, so so.

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    This book was incredible I couldn t put it down I was torn between wanting to read as quickly as possible to find out what happened next and enjoying the adventure and process of reading so much that I wanted to read slowly to savor it for as long as possible Addison Cooke is the kind of book you want to read over and over again It s a fast paced adventure, but the writing and humor are exquisite with hilarious and well thought out details that help you discover something new every time you read it

    Addison Cooke reminds me of my childhood favorites, including Sherlock Holmes, the Alanna Quartet, Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and Indiana Jones These books are so much than just stories, they re a chance to solve exciting puzzles, get into some trouble, make new friends, and delve headfirst into entirely new worlds The characters are now my friends Addison s ideas kept me excited and ready to hop onboard throughout the book while his little sister Molly s sharpness had me air high fiving her it s still so rare to see strong female characters like Molly Raj s fearless spirit had me pumped while Eddie s peanut gallery comments had me rolling on the floor.

    Addison Cooke is a must read whether you re young or old and a very effective way to get reluctant readers excited about reading My only complaint is that the second book isn t out yet I m DYING to know what happens to Addison in China and what the big family secret is

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    This is a fantastic read, ripe with compulsive adventure, humor and history We follow Addison, a witty bookworm with an unconventional perspective on life, and his merry gang of school friends on a journey through a Columbian Cathedral death trap, the infested waters of the jungle and onwards to Mach Picchu in search of ancient Incan treasure Not only is the writing hilarious and each character uniquely fleshed out, the overall message of the power of self belief and positive thinking resonates strongly, especially in the hero, Addison His unwavering optimism in moments of carnage and imminent demise be it a hungry Cayman or a booby trapped cave bring an amusing interpretation and point of difference to most other young adult adventure fiction that this reviewer has read The narrative moves swiftly and the writing is comprehensive and never supercilious perfect for school kids, history buffs or those wanting an undemanding escapade.

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    I read Addison Cooke to my 7 year old son This was the first non picture book he listened to cover to cover It s a page turner that kept us up late many times He picked up a lot of new vocabulary from the book too We would stop and talk about the scenes as we read it We can t wait for the next adventure with the Cookes

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    Addison Cooke, if James Bond and Indiana Jones had a baby surely it would be this charming smooth talking character His adventures are exciting while factually based, it is the PERFECT book for any middle grade reader I found myself swept into Addison s fervent search for his kidnapped relatives and the most famous treasure of all time, the lost treasure of the Incas Addison and his crew are reminiscent of The Goonies and once you turn the last page you find you miss them already. but don t fret rumor has it this book is just the first in a series so there will be plenty of adventures to come I truly think this is the perfect book especially for the child who is not yet in love with reading, Addison will surely charm even the most reluctant readers

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    This book was a lot of fun It just felt like books I used to read that I can t find any It s like The Hardy Boys if The Hardy Boys was actually good I enjoyed the South American setting and felt like I was watching a movie as I read it Definite recommend.

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    The summer is a great time for new books especially adventure stories Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas by Jonathan W Stokes is the perfect example Intrigue, suspense, mystery and car chases what else would you want in a book Stokes book is a great read for fans of Indiana Jones, The Hardy Boys and 39 Clues It is chalked full of history, humor and adventure Addison Cooke is not your average kid He is passionate for history, archeology, refined fashion and a cold Arnold Palmer on a hot day Addison is always ready for an adventure, especially one that requires his vast knowledge of history The opportunity quickly presents itself when his uncle, an expert in Incan history, uncovers a clue to an ancient Incan treasure Unfortunately, just after the discovery he and his wife, another world famous archeologist, are kidnapped It s up to Addison, his sister and their friends to solve the clues, save his aunt and uncle, and maybe find the treasure along the way.From the beginning the story is a fast paced, rollicking good time Addison will engage readers from their first encounter One of the best things about this book is that while the length and text is perfect for high elementary, or middle grade readers, it would also make for a great read aloud with grownups and younger kids It s guaranteed the adults will like the story as much, if not , than the kids At the center of the story is the love of family and the importance of loyalty between friends always fantastic message to share with kids This book is sure to inspire an interest in history, Central American geography and travel A perfect addition to your summer reading list

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