A Free Choice (Ganymede Quartet #4.5)

Love Should Be A Choice, Not An Obligation Or Duty Martin S Own Birthday Is Just Days Before Henry S Parties Have Been Planned, But With Everything That S Happened, Will Anyone Feel Like Celebrating Taking Place Concurrent With Events At The End Of A Collar And Tie Ganymede Quartet Book 4 , A Free Choice Concludes The Series For Now.A Free Choice (Ganymede Quartet #4.5)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 132 pages
  • A Free Choice (Ganymede Quartet #4.5)
  • Darrah Glass
  • English
  • 05 November 2019

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    I ve said it before but I ll say it again What I like most about Martin is how much he loves Henry and accepts him Martin s ardent desire to serve Henry and how much he loves being his slave were showcased in this companion novella He s proud to serve such a prestigious house and is nothing but eager to bolster Henry in becoming as productive a member of the Blackwell family as possible I don t think I ve ever felt how much he loved his station in life so clearly before.This novella focuses on only two dates, Martin s and Henry s birthdays It gives some slave interactions that were telling and some were downright surprising I was worried it would focus on the conflict from A Collar and Tie, but it didn t Thank all the things They draw some boundaries, form compromises and make promises to love one another and communicate in the future as best they can I appreciated that Martin was able to voice his displeasure at Henry s treatment without lording it over him or holding a grudge He was even able to ask for some things that made my selfish heart ache that I would miss out on He s going to be i...

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    Now this was a wonderful way to finish the series, it was all so happy Which was nice, to see the boys all lovey dovey again after the heart ache from the last book I love how Martin s stories usually have scenes that we didn t see in Henry s story and this book had every scene I was dying to read from A Collar and Tie, Martin s birthday, the Louis thing and Mr Durant That one was especially fun I will miss these boys I hope once Darrah is done with other characters she ll do a short story e...

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    I always love getting Martin s POV and I loved seeing his here, especially after the events of Book 4 I really needed to know where his mind and heart were, and yay, they were where I wanted them to be D LOVED this series so much

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    This book marks the end of Martin and Henry s initial stories though I dearly hope that they are back again in some form, in some way and needs to be read in the sequence of Ganymede stories, or else it makes NO sense It is set in NYC 1902 in an alternate world where slavery is fully acceptable and Companions are purchased for wealthy teens to use as valets and sexual outlets for health.Martin has recently reconciled with his master and lover, Henry Blackwell Henry is a very wealthy 16 year old, the son of NYC s wealthiest man, Hiram Blackwell Henry s family is an odd mix, and not quite what Martin had hoped for when he was being sold as a Companion last September, but Martin has found love and devotion in his master and he could not have wished for better circumstances.The book is a wrap on the series, and mostly follows the final three days of A COLLAR AND TIE, from Martin s perspective It is lovely and wonderful, and I want I think I might not go gracefully into this goodnight, Ms Glass Martin does wrap up his thoughts on the 14th Street debacle and his misery over Henry s bad temper quite well I was so glad to see his playfulness and thoughtfulnes...

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    This novella from Martin s POV marks a very satisfying conclusion to the Ganymede series Since Martin started it off, it s very fitting that we learn his final thoughts on what has been and may be, now that it ends And it s what I d been hoping for The novella overlaps with book four as it focuses on Martin s birthday Even though I must confess that when I saw the cover I d hoped it would cover Henry s birthday gift to Martin as well, indulging in the feverish fantasy that ran through the entire series to have semi public sex in the presence of their peers Jesse and his slave Russ in this case , their own not quite swap party But alas, that will have to exist in my own imagination, because my goodness I d love to be a fly on the wall when that happens Now to the very best this novella offered Don t you know by now, Martin, that I always want to know what you think Tell me what you want If you want to look at paintings or eat Chinese food or whatever, you should tell me It ll make me happy if you do Yes, yes, a thousand times yes I love Martin He s the most generous, devoted and selfless companion that Ganymede or any other slave school raised and trained But his true voice and mind ...

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    Martin s POVContinuation of one of my favorite series I love Henry and Martin and was especially pleased to get another look from Martin s side of things and with his friends I love Martin He has an innate goodness and lightness that I love Well done Darrah Please give me

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    I thought this book was a wonderful close to the series I m glad that Martin and Henry are at the place that they are at, and I thought that it was fitting to start the series with Martin and end it with Mar...

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    I will review both A Collar and Tie and A Free Choice as one book because the events overlap The latter is narrated by Martin the slave while the former is narrated by Henry the master Free Choice fills in the gaps of A Collar and Tie between the last chapter and the epilogue.I am sad that this series is ending, because I can see it going much further I love all of these characters.What I don t like are the long passages where they are reading another book To me this does not move the action forward at all, and I skimmed until I saw one or the other making remarks.Also difficult is the tension between the two for much of A Collar and Tie I was literally miserable the entire time I was reading that part I dreaded it from the moment Henry makes a rash decision, knowing that there would be an ev...

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    Only took me four months to finish it I will always like Martin than Henry an because book four annoyed me I needed a break A long one it turns out I really want Martin an entire giant novel of Martin or Simon.

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    Perfect ending to a great series.

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