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Mary McCarthy S Most Celebrated Novel Follows The Lives Of Eight Vassar Graduates, Known Simply To Their Classmates As The Group An Eclectic Mix Of Personalities And Upbringings, They Meet A Week After Graduation To Watch Kay Strong Get Married After The Ceremony, The Women Begin Their Adult Lives Traveling To Europe, Tackling The Worlds Of Nursing And Publishing, And Finding Love And Heartbreak In The Streets Of New York City Through The Years, Some Of The Friends Grow Apart And Some Become Entangled In Each Other S Affairs, But All Vow Not To Become Like Their Mothers And Fathers It Is Only When One Of Them Passes Away That They All Come Back Together Again To Mourn The Loss Of A Friend, A Confidante, And Most Importantly, A Member Of The Group.The Group

Mary McCarthy 1912 1989 was an American literary critic and author of than two dozen books including the 1963 New York Times bestseller The Group Born in Seattle, McCarthy studied at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and graduated in 1933 After moving to New York City, McCarthy became known for her incisive writing as a contributor to publications such as the Nation, the New Repub

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  • 11 August 2019

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    I can remember my Dad s married sisters discussing this book they were voracious readers always in the 1960 s I was determined to read it and finally got hold of it in 1967 when I was studying to be a Catholic priest My Student Director immediately confiscated it, so I knew its reputation was still going strong He didn t see my two volumes of Nietzsche I d also bought with money my Mum had given me for my 20th birthday I d only bought them because I d already seen him confiscate a Nietzsche on the grounds that it could destroy one s faith and I was already seeing large holes in the Church s fabric myself I mentioned what had happened to my History tutor, a Russian woman, at Adelaide University South Australia and she gave me her copy of McCarthy which I still have.I have read it three times 2007 was the last time and seen the movie several times, a very faithful rendition.This book is so eloquent and dry and upfront and honest All of these make it totally outrageous but dreadfully refreshing How many books do this And not missing are McCarthy s wit and humour.It makes me believe in intelligent Americans in a way that Sex and the City doesn t It s sad to notice that there is only one American male on this site Well d...

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    Take THAT Candace Bushnell Every woman who moves to NYC after becoming obsessed with Sex and the City should be compelled to read this book Even though this book takes place between the WWI and WWII they d probably be shocked to discover that the things change, the they stay the same If anything, this is probably the most realistic picture of the dynamics of female friendships and their impact on male female relations that I ve ever read.Frank discussion of pre marital sex, birth control, hasty marriage, loveless marriages, adultery, domestic violence, mental illness, pregnancy, post partum depression, lesbianism etc etc etc you ll be st...

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    I read this book when I was really young, maybe 12 I just saw a review on it, it said, The book was very frank about sexuality, describing some sex scenes in great detail However, it felt clinical , like a sex ed text than erotic Not to me it was HOT and very inspirational Masturbation, the First Time, an...

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    This is pretty much my ideal novel It s set in 1930s New York and follows the lives of several Vassar graduates There has been only a few truly slow portions of this novel I laughed aloud in several parts of the novel All of the talk of New York high society, 1930s politic...

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    After tearing through Mary McCarthy s The Group, I m kinda shocked that it hasn t been inducted into the canon yet The book is a stunning, scary look at gender relations in the 1930s, yet so searing that it s a shock to see it was written in the 1950s Even Mad Men, written from the perspective of today s improvements, isn t as damning as McCarthy can be about the oppression of the time.McCarthy gets quite a bit out of the tension between characters being comedically wrong and worryingly wrong And that s putting it lightly some of the dialogue can be absolutely chilling, especially the prisoners who have learned to love their prison Each of the characters seems promising and aware of their times, until they incidentally slip into some pattern of behavior that perpetuates the oppression of women at the time.As far as those patterns of behavior, McCarthy has wonderful treatments of internal dialogues and how women at the time sort of reasoned their way through the world More than their acti...

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    You know when you re in the middle of a good book and you have to put it down, you still think about the characters and the story Well, that was NOT the case with this book I never connected and never felt anything about it Apparently, this book first came out in 1954 1963 and I think the reason it was popular was because it had very taboo content at least for the 1950 s I could see young girls back then giggling and hiding their copies of it Other than that, it s filled with flaws No plot the author tries to tell a story of 8 Vassar graduates, but it s too many characters and she doesn t do any of them justice There are also about 30 side characters Plus, the bulk of the story is supposed to take place from 1933 1943, but McCarthy never brings that 30s feeling instead, it feels so 1950 1960, the time period when she actually wrote it Another major flaw is that no relationships are developed Everyone is talking AT each other, instead of WITH each other It s a constant, running monologue, rather than dialogue It reminds me of...

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    Re read.

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    There s this story Laura Jacobs recounts in her definitive essay about this book I used to keep seventy five dollars of mad money in a book We had The Group on the shelf in our guest room and I thought, I ll remember where it is if I put it in there Every guest we had would come down the next morning and say, Did you know you had money in that book She should have stashed it in Herzog, right No one would ever have found it This book, on the other hand, which gets almost immediately to a long scene of orgasmic deflowerizationthis is a poor choice for a hiding place.Written in 1963 and set in the 30s, it follows eight women, and assorted hangers on, after their graduation from college and through about seven years of their lives McCarthy s penchant for thinly disguising her Vassar classmates made her not the most popular kid at reunion Here s a daisy chain, which was when the most bright eyed Vassar women carried shitloads of flowers around and has probably been awkward to modernize.The plot is not compelling It or less falls into the connected short story genre, with linking characters and themes and sometimes you get the sense that it s not even tha...

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    I don t think sex is comical to the people taking part in it It s comical to others Mary McCarthy, on the Jack Paar Show 1963https watch v OmZ2iIt is easy to overlook McCarthy s wit because she has so loaded up this novel with a lifetime of observations on the kind of women she turned out not to be There is plenty of T.S Eliot s The women come and go, talking of Michelangelo in these sketches of Vassar girls, as they discuss C zanne, O Keefe, and read Clive Bell, Roger Fry, Croce, Tolstoy s What is Art They have Marx, Spengler, Edmund Wilson s Axel s Castle on the shelves which is amusing considering that McCarthy was married to the man The furniture in Kay s apartment, for example, was meant to be talked about, in Norine s nothing had been admitted that did not make a relevant statement though what the polar bear was saying Helena could not make out I reacted against Lakey s empty formalism, Norine was saying I went up to my room that night and spewed out the window That was Armageddon for me, though I didn t see it yet I didn t discover socialism till junior year All I knew that night was that I believed in something and couldn t express it, while your team believed in nothing but knew how to say it in other men s words In that quote you can see a lot of Sylvia Plath s impotent rage which McCarthy d...

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